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Special iSGTW Resource: Updated 7 April 2010

A smashing day at the Large Hadron Collider

Moment of truth: the first day the LHC reached 7 TeV. Image courtesy CERN

The Large Hadron Collider is one of the major stories of our day in physics, in scientific computing, and in science as a whole.

It is currently at a stage wherein milestones approach and pass rapidly, ushering us into the exciting unknown of higher energy collisions.

At the same time, new ground is broken in a multitude of areas of scientific computing and more specifically, grid computing. iSGTW has been there since the beginning, covering the LHC and the computing that supports it.

Below, you'll find a chronological catalogue of our coverage of the LHC's computing. We hope it is enlightening!

Blogs of the week

LHC event displays: not just pretty pictures

The event displays particle physics experiments proudly show off are impressively esoteric to the uninitiated. But they’re not just pretty pictures! Read our blog posts of the week to decode two different event displays.

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Volunteer computing

Virtualization - Key for LHC physics volunteer computing

How do you marry volunteer computing with virtual image management?

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Bringing LHC data to US Tier-3s

Setting up small grid computing centers can be a challenge. But new resources could change that.

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Tweet of the Week

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Torrents of data spring forth from the Large Hadron Collider, spreading across the world for storage, analysis, and study. Many physicists monitor the data live via remote operations centers scattered across the world. But there's more than meets the eye to these ROCs!

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Jamie Shiers leads the grid support group in the IT department at CERN and is responsible for the coordination of the worldwide LHC Computing Grid (wLCG) service. He recently organized the STEP’09 postmortem at CERN last month, iSGTW caught up with him to find out how it went.

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3 Jun 09 LambdaRail wins contract for LHC network

22 Oct 08 Inauguration for the large hadron collider

22 Oct 08 Featurette - Molecular cuisine

15 Oct 08 LHC Inauguration Day

15 Oct 08 CMS

8 Oct 08 GridFest Video

8 Oct 08 Stateside at the bi-continental LHC Grid Fest 

8 Oct 08 Celebrating the development of the LHC grid 

1 Oct 08  People behind the LHC grid: A Bird's eye view

24 Sep 08  LHC GridFest, 3 October 2008

24 Sep 08 LHC may change the internet

17 Sep 08  First beam, plus ca change

17 Sep 08  People behind the LHC grid: Mike Vetterli

10 Sep 08 Editorial: Beam Day

10 Sep 08 Live (almost) video from the startup

10 Sep 08 People behind the LHC grid: Wesley Smith

10 Sep 08 What's going on . . .

10 Sep 08 ATLAS

27 Aug 08 People behind the LHC grid: Mariusz Sapinski

20 Aug 08 BNL takes a cue from nuclear physics  

20 Aug 08 People behind the LHC grid: Jamie Shiers 

20 Aug 08 One view of the LHC 

13 Aug 08 (Almost) starting up the LHC

13 Aug 08 LHC at home

13 Aug 08 Go ask ALICE

6 Aug 08 LHC, the (underground) movie 

14 May 08 No business like show business: Final rehearsal for WLCG 

5 May 08 Introducing TRIUMF: Canada's Tier-1 on the world-wide grid 

16 Apr 08 CERN Open Day draws tens of thousands  

21 Mar 08 CMS readies network links for LHC data

27 Feb 08 Les Robertson: six years at the head of the LCG

23 Jan 08 Avalanche warning: the new challenges of the data grid 

19 Dec 07 Five years on: the Asia-Pacific in the global grid 

21 Nov 07 LHC data transport at SC07 

14 Nov 07 The latest on the Large Hadron Collider 

06 Jun 07 Indiana universities prepare for new speed record 

23 May 07 Taiwan's Tier-1 connects Asian-Pacific 

9 May 07 LCG-France: Ramping up for the LHC 

21 Feb 07 Widening the Gateway to India 

7 Feb 07 Preparing for the Large Hadron Collider 


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NeHC launches social media

PRACE announces third Tier-0 machine

iRODS 2011 User Group Meeting

Jobs in distributed computing


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