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Feature - Stop the presses!

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Here's a sampling of the latest headlines, blogs, twitters and "newsbites" on what has been happening so far this week:

*Amsterdam chosen to host

Amsterdam was selected as the host city at the last EGI policy board meeting in Catania on Monday 2 March 2009, ahead of seven other European cities.

“The choice of the location of the headquarters is a further and decisive step towards the implementation of a sustainable European grid infrastructure,” said Gaspar Barreira, chairman of the EGI Policy Board. “From now on we will be all mobilised for the real establishment of a new international research infrastructure in Europe, where a large number of countries will put together and operate the world’s largest grid computing facility.”

"We're very honored that the European grid community has chosen Amsterdam to host," said Patrick Aerts, Director of the National Compute Facility (NCF), the Netherlands, after the decision was announced.

“The decision on the location is another major milestone for the establishment of the EGI,” said Ludek Matyska, the EGI_DS Project Director.

“This decision comes just after the approval of the EGI Blueprint in Prague, on the 20th of January 2009,”added Jürgen Knobloch, the EGI_DS Technical Director. “We can now proceed with the transition strategy from EGEE and other Grid infrastructures in Europe to EGI.”

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And in other breaking news . . .

*Worldwide Grid helps in the fight against coronary artery disease, it was revealed at the EGEE conference. Cardiogenics, an EU-project coordinated in Lübeck, Germany, aims to discover genetic variations leading to coronary artery disease, to uncover the underlying disease mechanisms and help to develop new treatments.

*Baltic Grid-II signed a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday 10h40 at the BG-II exhibition booth. (See the blog or the Twitter!)

*Be"virtually" in Louisiana and Catania, simultaneously

Thanks to GridTalk’s GridCast you can be in two places at once, and get some feedback from the floors of the two big conferences:

*Tuesday at OSG All Hands : full day and social din...

*Site administrator's workshop at OSG ALL Hands

*EGEE Business Forum Workshop: gLite all the way!

*Fusion Reactors are nearer thanks to the Grid

*Summary of the Collaboratory

*The Networking Event after the Networking Event

*Word on the Street! Amsterdam thrilled to host EGI...

*Great Sorbet in day 2

*Good talks at OSG AHM

*EGEE sites on Amazon EC2?

*Podcasts from EGEE User Forum/OGF25 and OGF Europe's 2nd International Event

*Bringing extinct instruments back to life with gri... (See also our previous iSGTW story.)


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