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This is a sample of just some of the national and international grid projects from all over the world. You can find even more on Gridcafe.

Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE)

EGEE is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world, bringing together more than 120 organisations to provide scientific computing resources to the European and global research community. EGEE comprises 250 sites in 48 countries and more than 68,000 CPUs available to some 8,000 users, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find out more on their homepage.

Open Science Grid (OSG)

The Open Science Grid Consortium provides an open grid infrastructure for science in the U.S and beyond. OSG combines resources at many U.S. labs and universities and provides access to shared resources for the benefit of scientific applications. You can read about the OSG in iSGTW here, or you can vist their homepage to find out more.


GridPP is a collaboration of particle physicists and computing scientists from the UK and CERN, who are building a grid for particle physics. The main objective is to develop and deploy a large-scale science grid in the UK for use by the worldwide particle physics community. Click here to read abour GridPP in iSGTW or you can visit their homepage.


TeraGrid, sponsored by the U.S National Science Foundation’s Office of Cyberinfrastructure, is an open scientific discovery infrastructure combining leadership class resources at eleven partner sites to create an integrated, persistent computational resource.  Visit their homepage for more information.


EUAsiaGrid aims to pave the way towards an Asian e-Science Grid Infrastructure, in synergy with the other European grid initiatives in Europe and Asia. Read about them here on iSGTW. You can also visit their homepage to find out more.


EU-IndiaGrid will bring together over 500 multidisciplinary organisations to build a grid-enabled e-science community aiming to boost R&D innovation across Europe and India. Click here for iSGTW's article on EU-indiaGrid, or you can visit their homepage.

E-science grid facility for Europe and Latin America (EELA)

EELA aims to provide grid facilities to promote scientific collaboration between Europe and Latin America, aiming to ensure the long-term sustainability of the e-Infrastructure. Click here to read our interview with EELA's project coordinator and find out more on their homepage.

South Africa Grid (SAGrid)

The SAGRID project to deploy a national grid infrastructure based on the gLite middleware from EGEE at several universities and national laboratories throught South Africa. Read about it here in iSGTW, more information is on their homepage.

The worldwide LHC Computing Grid (LCG)

The mission of the LHC Computing Project (LCG) is to build and maintain a data storage and analysis infrastructure for the entire high energy physics community that will use the Large Hadron Collider.  Click here to see our achive of articles about the LHG and the LHC.

European Grid Initiative (EGI)

The European Grid Initiative Design Study aims to establish a sustainable grid infrastructure in Europe. Driven by the needs and requirements of the research community, it is expected to enable the next leap in research infrastructures, thereby supporting collaborative scientific discoveries in the European Research Area. Find out more here, or go to their homepage.

Interesting applications of grids

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