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Issue 26: iSGTW 30 May 2007

 Feature - EU-IndiaGrid: Building a Partnership Across Hemispheres

Sleeping giant: India’s grid potential is huge but so far largely untapped.
Image courtesy of morgueFile

Over the last 10 years, India has posted an average annual growth rate of more than 7%. India’s success in the IT field  has been especially dazzling; it is already a major exporter of software services and software workers. 

Despite these advances, the nation still faces pressing problems and currently lacks the computing infrastructure required to take full advantage of modern solutions, such as grid technology.

EU-IndiaGrid, the first project of its kind, seeks to join grids in Europe and India and promote research in both regions. 


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Feature - Project

 Grid Power in Five Minutes?
Start the clock. It is 16.23.

Harald Kornmayer, spokesperson for the g-Eclipse project, has already drawn a crowd.

His promise? Access to the computing power of the Grid in just five minutes.

For those juggling the complexity of multiple stand-alone grid-based applications, Kornmayer offers something simple: g-Eclipse—a generic framework that allows users to incorporate many different tools via a standardized, customizable, intuitive interface.

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Feature - Science

 A Data Processing Playground for the Climate of Tomorrow
Tim Brücher is trying to predict how raindrops will fall in a monsoon under changed climate conditions. As you can imagine, modeling future climates isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. So guess what? Brücher’s not using his PC to do it.

Brücher is part of the Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid (C3Grid), one of Germany’s first grid initiatives and a project dedicated to creating a grid-based working environment for earth system research.

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Acronym of the Week

The word “dag” can have many meanings. The American Heritage Dictionary of English Language defines it as “a lock of matted or dung-coated wool”.

In Turkish the word means “mountain.” In Australasia, a dag is someone who dresses badly and has poor social skills.

Thus one's interest might justifiably be piqued by the acronym “DAGMan.”

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Image of the Week - Science

Wim Klein

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 BELIEF-EELA e-Infrastructures Conference
Register now for the BELIEF-EELA e-Infrastructures Conference to be held June 25-28 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
BELIEF-EELA seeks to strengthen e-Infrastructure links between Europe and Latin America. This e-Infrastructures conference gives an opportunity for businesses and researchers to demonstrate grid computing and e-infrastructure achievements, share knowledge and discuss the direction of future collaboration between Latin America and Europe.

Online registrations are accepted till June 18, after attendees can only register on site.

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 Register now for Summer Supercomputing Institute at TACC
The Texas Advanced Computing Center at The University of Texas at Austin will host a five-day Summer Supercomputing Institute from August 13-17.

The Institute will give researchers an intensive introduction to using TACC’s computing resources, including high performance computing systems, visualization systems and advanced display environments, massive storage systems and grid computing technologies.

TACC is accepting applications for the Summer Supercomputing Institute through June 8. Interested researchers should apply online.

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NeHC launches social media

PRACE announces third Tier-0 machine

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