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Issue 21: iSGTW 25 April 2007

 Feature - Medical Research on the Erasmus Computing Grid

A simulated view of the three-dimensional architecture of genetic material as it appears in a human cell nucleus. Colors signify different chromosomes.
Image courtesy of Tobias A. Knoch, Erasmus Medical Center

Large portions of our DNA, it seems, serve no apparent purpose. Researchers in the field of genomics, however, are interested in all sections and levels of organization of an organism’s DNA—from the DNA sequence to the overall morphology of a cell’s nucleus.

Scientists in the Department of Clinical Genetics and Department of Virology at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands believe that the genome has much to tell us. A consortium of researchers, using the new Erasmus Computing Grid, seek to determine the three-dimensional structure of the human genome. They hope that looking at the shape of all our genetic material as a whole will give us a more complete understanding of how our bodies maintain and reproduce themselves.



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Feature - Monitoring

 Experiment Dashboard for the LHC 
“This project started,” says Julia Andreeva, “from people saying that the Grid doesn’t work.” Andreeva, who works in CERN’s IT department, coordinates a project that aims to show exactly what is working in a grid and what is not. This project, Experiment Dashboard, now provides monitoring service for all four main LHC experiments. With it, researchers can access information about job processing, data management, test transfers and site efficiency.

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Feature - Event

 Cairo Hosts an International Grid School
From April 17 to April 28, in the shadow of ancient technological marvels, scientists from the Mediterranean are working to advance modern computing technology and teach other researchers to do the same. A hotel in downtown Cairo, about five miles from the great pyramids at Giza, is the site of the first EUMEDGRID School on Application Porting.

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Statistic of the Week

In 1990 the CERN Computer Center contained less than 250 CERN Computing Units.

Today any respectable desktop computer has a processing power of at least 1000 CERN Computing Units. Many thousands of such machines are clustered in today’s Computer Center at CERN, providing the overall center at least 10 million CERN Computing Units.

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Image of the Week

Warpings of Space-Time

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 HPDC 2007: Registration Open
The High Performance Distributed Computing 2007 conference, to be held June 27–29 in Monterey Bay, California, United States, is open for registration.

HPDC 2007 aims to combine advances in research and technology to deliver high-performance, large-scale and cost-effective computational, storage and communication tools to a wide range of applications.

Registration for the conference and associated workshops is now online. The meeting this year will be held in Monterey Bay California, at the Hyatt Regency.

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 German e-Science Conference 2007: Registration Open
The GES 2007 conference, to be held from May 2–4 in the city of Baden-Baden, Germany, is open for registration.

The conference will provide a place for members of the German e-Science community to present results in talks, posters and demonstrations, for the international community to get an overview of the progress of e-Science in Germany and for potential users to meet experts in the field of e-science.

Detailed information, including the program and registration form, are available on the conference Web site.

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NeHC launches social media

PRACE announces third Tier-0 machine

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