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What is iSGTW?

iSGTW is an international, weekly, on-line science-computing newsletter that shows the importance of distributed computing, grid computing, cloud computing and high-performance computing. It does so by reporting about the people and projects involved in these fields, and how these types of computing technologies are being applied to make scientific advances.

We report on a huge variety of scientific disciplines, such as computer science, molecular biology, particle physics, astronomy, sociology, earth sciences, archaeology, medicine, disaster management — and even the ‘science’ of poker. See for yourself by reading previous articles in our Archive. (Can’t find a particular story or topic? Try using the search engine at the top-right of every page.)

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The past and present iSGTW

iSGTW began as Science Grid This Week, which was first published in April, 2005. It went international on 16 November 2006, and iSGTW now gets over 158,000 visits from 192 countries and territories every year. An average of more than 10,000 people read it every month, and it has more than 6,200 permanent subscribers.

In the past, iSGTW reported exclusively on developments in grid computing technology and the scientific research it enabled. (If you’re still not sure what grid computing is, you can find out all about it in our “Learn” section.) Grid remains our stock-in-trade, but we increasingly report on developments in other distributed computing fields — such as cloud technology — along with advances in high-performance (“supercomputing”) centers.


Our affiliated partners

iSGTW is jointly funded by organizations in America and Europe. In the U.S., it is funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, and by the National Science Foundation via the Open Science Grid. In Europe, it is funded by the European Commission’s Information Society and Media Directorate-General, through GridTalk. EGEE, TeraGrid, OSG, EUAsiaGrid, and GridPP are also involved in iSGTW, through the efforts of their regularly contributing writers.

  The Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project brings together scientists and engineers from more than 90 institutions in 32 countries worldwide to provide a seamless grid infrastructure for e-Science. EGEE integrates applications from many scientific fields, ranging from geology and biology to computational chemistry and high-energy physics.
   The Open Science Grid enables scientific research by bringing multidisciplinary collaborations together with the latest advances in distributed computing technologies. The OSG, a U.S. grid computing project with international partners, is used for scientific research in many fields, including bioinformatics, nanotechnology and physics.
GridPP manages and operates the UK particle physics grid, which is the UK's contribution to the LCG. It is a collaboration of 20 universities and research institutes, funded by the Science  and Technology Facilities Council.
TeraGrid, sponsored by the U.S National Science Foundation’s Office of Cyberinfrastructure, is a partnership of people and resources enabling discovery in U.S. science and engineering research to connect and broaden scientific communities.
GridTalk brings the success stories of Europe’s e-infrastructure to a wider audience, through the use of its GridCafé, GridGuide, GridBriefings and GridCasts. The project coordinates the dissemination outputs of European grid computing efforts, ensuring their results and influence are reported in print and online. 

Copyright and reprints

You are welcome to reprint stories from iSGTW under the condition that you acknowledge iSGTW and appropriately attribute the author. We also encourage you to link to the iSGTW Web site.



While iSGTW does its best to provide complete and up-to-date information, it does not warrant that the information is error-free and disclaims all liability with respect to results from the use of the information.

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